My Pregnancy Diary: Can I Do This?


Now that the belly is getting to a decent size, my clothes are all getting smaller (it's them shrinking, I swear!) and I am over half way through my pregnancy, I can't help sitting down sometimes and wondering...

Can I be a good mum and raise happy, healthy children? Can I juggle looking after a child, keeping up with friends and family and making sure my husband is as happy as he could be? And most of all, can I stay at home for nine months not working without going completely and utterly insane?

Now, I have to admit, during my free time at the moment, I do little to next to nothing. In fact, I already spend many a day pottering around the house feeling bored and a little bit lonely and that's whilst working full time.

So what am I going to be like when I'm not working?

This seems to have been playing on my mind a lot lately and so, in true "me" style, I have Googled it. Researched it, read other blogs from other mums about what they do on a day to day basis and generally tried to get some sort of idea of what I could do when the time comes around.

The most common tips, and ones that I intend to pick up are:

Give your days some sort of structure - I don't know about you but I am a sucker for stationary (bit sad right?) and when the thought of having to get myself a new diary to lay out my days and make sure that I have something planned for each day, it made me squeal slightly in anticipation. On a more serious note, this tip was one of the most common tips out there - set yourself a structure so you know how much free time you have each day, meaning that you can fit fun events or outings in this time and also being super beneficial for your childr, who will thrive in a structured environment.

Have a shower every morning - This really struck a chord with me. Whenever I get up, stay in my pyjamas, don't bother to have a shower straight away and generally have a lazy morning, I find it very difficult to feel motivated and get the day going. However, as soon as I have a shower, I feel bright and awake and ready for the rest of the day. Perhaps having a shower each morning before getting on with the day will help me to prepare myself for what the rest of the day brings and cope with any moments of "not so good-ness" a bit better than I would without that shower.

Do something for yourself each day - When reading through other parenting blogs or tips about parenting, one thing that stands out is that the time that you used to be spent on yourself is now going to be spent on your child. So, it is suggested that you find at least one thing to do for yourself every day - whether that be to take a long bath, read a book or even go to the gym (something that I can't imagine myself taking up!). That way, you keep a sense of worth and feel better within yourself, reducing the risk of resenting your child or partner.

Communicate with other adults - Another common one but also another one that struck a chord with me. I get lonely quite easily and enjoy spending time in the company of others, so it will be essential for me to find somewhere that I can go to mingle with other adults and parents - both to get some adult company and also to stop me overwhelming my husband when he gets home from work. I have the health visitor coming by next week, so I may take advantage of that to find out exactly what opportunities there are around the local area and do some research.

I think that if I keep these things in mind, and also do my best to enjoy the time I spend with my child as I am away from work, this will help me to stay sane, reduce any potential loneliness and generally help me feel like I am still a valuable member of society.

If anyone has any other suggestions though, please feel free to mention them in the comments below - I could do with all the help I can get!

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