My Pregnancy Diary: The First Kicks


I don't know about you (if you've been pregnant that is, you may not have been!) but when I first fell pregnant it didn't feel real. In fact, I went through phases of wondering if the pregnancy tests (all three of them) were actually right, whether it was a fake positive and just generally thinking that something like this just doesn't happen to me!
I don't think this was helped by the fact that I had a really easy first trimester - I had no sickness whatsoever and only really experienced a small amount of food aversions which went away by the time I was 10 weeks pregnant so, to me, it just felt like normal.

As a result of this, the only thing I could really hold on to for proof of this pregnancy being real throughout the first trimester was that very first scan, where I could actually see the baby and get the hard proof that something living was in my womb.

Yet even after the scan, when I had hard proof that there was actually a baby there and not just some figment of my imagination, I felt nothing so it still did not feel real.

Until the kicks started yesterday..

If you have ever been pregnant, I am sure you will know just what it feels like to feel the baby's kicks for the first time. And for those of you that haven't been pregnant and don't know, I will tell you now...

It's amazingly freaky.

To feel some sort of bubble down there which initially feels like gas is not too bad, but when you put your hand on your lower belly and something kicks it away.. that's freaky. It seems that little Sprout (if you didn't know already, that's my name for baby) has jumped the gun a little bit on the kicking thing and, instead of spending a bit of time mushing up the mothers insides whilst leaving the dad impatiently waiting to be able to feel it, has gone straight to the visible, move the tummy kind of kicks which make you jump.

Whether I just missed the initial few weeks of only being able to feel the kicks myself or something I don't know, but what I do know is that Sprout has been distracting me all last night and evening with these little bumps in my lower belly.

And you know what, it has finally made it seem more real. Although its only a small feeling at the moment, I can feel that there is something inside me that wasn't there before. Something that is living and is going to grow and grow and eventually be born in to this world as my son or daughter.

And that is really special.

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