My Pregnancy Diary: Scan Number 2


Today was the big day, the big scan day to be exact. The day in which we get to see our baby again and find out whether we will be kitting the nursery out in blue or pink.

This scan took a lot longer than the first one. In the first one, the lady doing the scan just had to check she could see the heartbeat and measure the gap at the back of the neck as part of the test for Downs syndrome and other similar illnesses. After that it was just a case of taking the best pictures possible of the baby as a wiggled round and did multiple flips. This meant that it lasted all of five minutes and we were out in no time, only to have to go and wait to have the dreaded blood test afterwards - which went surprisingly well! The first time my midwife took blood from me I nearly passed out.

This time, however, the scan went in to much more detail with the lady that was doing it taking numerous photographs and measuring each and every tiny bit of the baby to check it was growing normally. She had to put quite a lot of pressure on my stomach to do some parts of the scan and at one point she even had me stick my bum in the air and wiggle from side to side as the baby had hidden it's head down in my pelvis and wouldn't come out. Not the most dignified thing I have ever done but I figured, hey, in four months time all of my dignity is going to fly out of the window so may as well get used to it now!

After a long time of checking and confirming all of the details for each section of the baby, she turned the screen towards myself and my husband and asked that oh so anticipated question... "Do you want to find out the sex of the baby?"

After both of us nodding profusely, she then started scanning around the bottom of the baby and stopped so that we could both see the bottom.

"What can you see there?" She said.

Neither of us had any idea! (In fact we both admitted that if we had had any idea we wouldn't say because we wouldn't have wanted to say we could see something that blatantly wasn't there! I mean come on, how awkward had it have been if we'd have said "Oh yes, there's the penis" and it was actually a finger or something.)

Anyways, long story short(ish) she announced that we are having a little girl! A little girl who is healthy and happy and currently kicking my insides.

As a celebration we went straight out and bought Sprout(ette)'s first teddy bear. We had had the idea for a little while that we would announce it on Facebook by putting up a picture of either a blue or pink teddy bear depending upon the gender and let people figure it out from there. So, we ended up buying the bunny above (apparently girls only get bunnies and boys gets teddies, who knew?!) from Babies R Us.

It took us a little while to find as we were looking for something small, suitable for a newborn and decidedly pink, however I am glad we took that time to find exactly the right thing. Not only is it cute (and pink!), it's very soft and cuddly, with little rattles in the rings around the feet. I also really liked that it has a loop on the head so you can attach it to baby's pram or cot and keep them entertained, and is perfectly suitable for newborns with the eyes stitched in and no small parts that could be swallowed or choked on.

All in all, I think today has been a huge success. Everybody in the family is really happy to be having a girl in the family (our families are filled with boys - up to date, I have been the only girl!) and we now just need to get choosing those names.

If you do have any name suggestions please feel free to leave them in the comments below - we are, admittedly, rubbish at names and I think it may take us a while to find one that is just right.

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