My Pregnancy Diary: Self Doubts In Pregnancy


Yes that is my belly.. and yes those are my clashing heart pyjama bottoms and pink hoody. Super stylish huh?
On a more serious note, this is what my belly currently looks like, or at least that's what it looked like a week ago. I am only 16 weeks pregnant and, this being my very first pregnancy, my belly is still quite teeny tiny and not really showing at all.
And that has brought about some strange self doubts and neuroses recently when it comes to buying new things for the baby. After all, when you wander round in the shops looking at baby stuff, all of the other mums to be there have full baby belly and you can see, plain as day, that they are going to be a mum.
So when I wander round with my, so far, unnoticeable belly it feels almost like I am faking it!
So much so that I am currently hesitating to buy things for when the baby comes in case I am "jumping the gun" or buying things far too early.
I think that, once I have a bit more of a bump, I will feel more at ease in the shops and will be shopping to my hearts content. And I'm sure that when I have said bump and the aches and pains that go with it, I will wish that I had done the shopping now when things were a bit easier.
But for now anyway... bring on the bump!

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