Home Wishlist - Stars and Fluffy Things


It's been a while since I last put together my list of things I am eyeing up for the house and, as a result, there are lots of new things that have caught my eye and I just had to share with you!

Bed sheets - NOTHS.  Blanket - NOTHS.  Wall art - NOTHS.  Beanbag - Dunelm.  Drawers - Dunelm.  Rug - Home Essentials.

This time it seems to be all about stars and fluffy things (especially with it now being Autumn!) - with the occasional bit of inspirational text in there because, let's face it, who doesn't need a bit of motivation now and then.

Similar to last time, all of my colours seem to be staying pretty neutral - for some reason I have not ventured into the bright and the colourful just yet. Perhaps we will save that for Christmas!

My absolutely favourite item from this list is the Monkey Bean Bag from Dunelm. Although it's actually for children, I would love one of these for myself! It's so cute and looks quite comfy as well. I also really liked the little desktop drawers from Dunelm as I am currently trying to organise my life and I thought these would be perfect for helping to do that whilst also being really pretty and dainty!

What do you currently have your eyes on for your home? Is there anything in particular that you like?

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