Maternity Clothing - Heavenly Bump


As much as I may try to avoid it, I am (not so) slowly getting bigger and bigger which means I am also growing out of my entire wardrobe! Not so handy when you are trying to save money rather than spend it!

However, having been forced to spend some of my money so that I didn't have to walk around in trousers that were way too tight all the time, I was lucky enough to find the Heavenly Bump brand. Equally as lucky was not only that their prices were good, but also that they have a sale on which I took full advantage of.

Now that my Heavenly Bump maternity clothes have arrived and I have had a chance to try them out, I felt that I just had to share them on here with you.

I have always struggled to find work trousers that fit me well and that I actually like! So much so that now I tend to stick to dresses or skirts to reduce the hassle of locating a new work outfit. However, I thought I would give these Linen Trousers a try, as they looked pretty comfortable and had a nice wide leg (which tends to be the shape I go for, if I go for trousers at all!).

Having received them, I am really quite impressed with them! They are a little too long for me (being a shorty) so I do have to wear heels with them, which is not ideal. However, although the majority of the trouser consists of linen, the top band is akin to the band around the top of a pair of joggers, making them incredibly comfortable to wear and also suitable for a range of different bump sizes. Now, coming from someone with a small bump, I will mention that they were slightly too big for me at first, however I found that I grew into them nicely as time went on.

I originally bought this top because I thought it looked white/cream and thought that I could get away with wearing it for work (where our dress code is black and white). However, having received it, I discovered that the name "Stone" is actually more apt than I actually thought, with the top being a very light beige colour.

The shape of the top itself is gorgeous. It has a split/keyhole back which shows off the very top of your back making it more than just a simple T-shirt. It hugs your bump nicely, showing it off to the world whilst also giving you lots of room to grow over time and it is also incredibly soft and, again, comfortable to wear.

My favourite item of the three things that I bought, when these jeans arrived they were definitely too large for my bump - in fact, although they were the same size as the Linen trousers, the bump section seemed bigger which was unusual! However, as with the other clothes I grew in to them soon enough and they have quickly become my go to pair of maternity trousers.

Made of a normal denim material, at first I did wonder how these trousers were meant to stretch with the bump. It was only when I got to try them on did I realise there were secret panels of stretchy material in the section behind the front pockets. This allows the trousers to stretch and grow with you whilst also keeping them subtle, unlike some trousers you see that come with the huge black band. For me, this was a huge bonus, as I don't particularly like the big black bands which sit around your stomach - especially as you are going to be showing your belly off so much over the coming months! It also means that, providing they still fit when your bump goes down a bit, you could wear these after having your baby without it being glaringly obvious that they are maternity trousers.

Overall, I was very impressed with the Heavenly Bump maternity range. The clothes are well made and very subtle, keeping you feel fashionable whilst stretching with you at the same time. I would definitely recommend them to any mums to be who were struggling in a similar way to me.

Are there any particular brands of maternity clothing that you like? If so, please let me know in the comments below - I still have plenty of time to shop!

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