Saying Goodbye to the Joys of Sleep


When you fall pregnant for the first time I think it is assumed that you will start to lose out on sleep once the baby arrives.

In fact, it's pretty much taken for granted that, once the baby arrives, any chance of getting a peaceful sleep throughout the night disappears for at least four weeks (if you are lucky) and the idea of laying in until the late morning disappears with a poof like a daydream.

What you don't often think about is that you will actually start losing out on sleep way before the baby arrives thanks to multiple symptoms of pregnancy and the fact that your stomach is getting so large that you have to launch yourself out of bed if you are to have any hope of getting up at all.

I have reached the point in pregnancy where the heartburn at night, the sore back and uncomfortable hips kick in and, as such, I can't sleep. Granted it has actually improved quite a bit over the past week or so but when the painful hips started a few weeks ago, the pain was that bad that I couldn't sleep at all when I was laying on my sides (which really sucks when you can't sleep on your back or front either!!).

I am yet to experience the thrills of being kept awake by baby moving around and kicking me in the ribs at night or the numerous visits to the toilet each night which come as baby and belly get bigger. Lucky me you may say, but there's time yet.. there's time.

As a result of the painful hips and one night of practically no sleep at all for either myself or my husband, I decided to invest in a pregnancy pillow. Well, I say invest but I didn't really have to spend that much on it.

The one that I got was this one from Argos - a simple, full length pillow that lies vertically along your bed with the idea that you can wrap your legs and arms around it, reducing any hip pains whilst also supporting your bump. This pillow is super comfortable and cosy, and also folds in to two so that you can prop yourself up at night if you are suffering from a particularly bad episode of heartburn. I have also found that it makes a pretty handy back support if you suffer with back pain - just pop it behind you instead of in front and put the bottom section through your legs. It's not exactly dignified but it feels like you are being cuddled all night, which is great.

So there we have it. This is my tribute and farewell to the joy of sleeping through the night and laying in in the mornings.

It was nice while it lasted.

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