Ten Tips for My Younger Self


I think we all have things that we wish we had done better in the past, or dealt with in a different way, and with such a big change in my life coming up in the next few months, I have found myself quietly reflecting on my life so far.

As a result I thought I would put together a list of ten different tips that I would give my younger self if I had the chance for you all to see. Hopefully some of them will also ring true to you (and it won't just be me who was in this situation!).

1. There is a reason that some people end up falling asleep mid sentence, in the back of the car or at 7 o'clock at night. It's called working life. Soon you will become like them and will usually be found fast asleep on the sofa by 10pm at the latest.

2. You know that red hair that you love so much at the moment? Enjoy it whilst it lasts, it will cause you SO much grief when you try to get it back to blonde in a few years time.

3. Stick at the learning to drive before you go to university. You will not have another chance until you finish university and it will put you off wanting to learn altogether. It's much easier just to do it now and get it over with!

4. Go out and enjoy life. Don't hold yourself back for a boy, or because you are afraid you may do something wrong. This will stop you from experiencing so many things in life and you will ultimately struggle to get past that when you are older.

5. Don't buy cats until you have settled down properly. It is not fair to expect them to move around with you. You will end up having to give them away and be scared of getting anymore in the fear of the same thing happening again.

6. Don't want kids now? Think you could never ever possibly want children and that you'd much rather stick with your cats? Wait until you are 23 and the broodiness kicks in... then that will change. Oh yes, it will change.
7. Keep in touch with old friends. It is so easy to let people slip away as you move on with your individual lives but you will miss them when you look back at the good times you had and it's not always that easy to strike up a conversation with someone you haven't spoken to in five years.

8. Appreciate what you have - particularly your job. Your first job will be one that you love. Ignore that niggling feeling that you could be getting more money - being happy in your job but not being paid much is much better than being unhappy and well paid. That, and you don't really know how lucky you are until you jump from the pan and into the fire.

9. Spend quality time with each of your family members and make the effort to see them on a regular basis. They are your family, your support network and they love you - show them how much they mean to you and give a little back.

10. Believe it or not, you will get sick of changing phones every three months. Eventually you will just want to stick to the same phone for several years (though I'm not sure I've hit that point even now!). and other things will soon become the priority, so stop wasting your money!

So there you have my ten tips that I would give my younger self if I had the chance to (whether I listened or not would be a different matter!).

Do you have any tips that you would give your younger self? If so, please leave them in the comments below - I would love to hear them!

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