Tips to relax and enjoy life more


Have you ever felt like all the enjoyment in life went away when you left your teens or early twenties? Or that you feel stressed all the time, concentrating on too many things and feeling bad when you try to relax?

Because that's what I have been feeling like lately. What with all of this pregnancy/baby stuff, work, my driving lessons and theory test (which I passed today, yay!), blogging and any other things that come as part and package of everyday life, I have been feeling like things have perhaps got a bit too much or that I am not spending time to enoy life as I should.

So, in true "me" style, I spent some time looking around on the internet for tips and tricks of how to relax and enjoy life more and, as a result, I thought I would share them all with you as well!

Give yourself more time to do things or choose a maximum of 3 things to do each day: 
If you normally have a large list of things to do throughout a day, or lots of tight deadlines that you have to adhere to, you can end up feeling stressed just thinking about the amount of things you have to do and wondering how you will get them all done.

I really liked this tip as by restricting the amount of things you do per day, or giving yourself more time to do those things, you therefore immediately reduce the amount of stress in your day, giving yourself the opportunity to complete the day's work and feel like you have accomplished something whilst also giving yourself some time to relax in the day.

Stop taking on more responsibility: 
This point is quite similar to the one above, although it is mainly self inflicted. If you are like me and you love the idea of taking on more projects, expanding your horizons and getting involved with more communities, you can end up committing yourself to too many things and stuffing your days full of productive work.
Instead, take some time choosing the projects or things that you care most about or enjoy most and then stop taking on any more. You will leave yourself some room in a day to relax (like I said before) whilst still being able to take part in those projects that really take your interest.
Embrace quality over quantity: 
Yes, these first three tips have been quite similar in nature, however I do feel that each one is a valid point of it's own and has it own individual attributes.
When you embrace quality over quantity, this again helps to reduce the pressure to get more work completed and instead concentrates on taking the time you need to make sure your end result is of the highest quality possible. You will also get a huge feeling of pride and achievement as a result of producing something that you feel is of the highest standard, making you enjoy your day more and take more pride of yourself in turn.
This is also relevant during the time that you are relaxing - in that, if you follow/take part in the things that are of a high quality and that you thoroughly enjoy, you can ensure the maximum amount of enjoyment possible throughout the day. For example, if you watch TV often, only watch the programs that you really enjoy. Then, when those programs have finished and the only thing that is left on are programs that you are not so struck on, find something else to do like reading your favourite books or blogs.
Spend time with your loved ones: 
A golden oldie, but one that often needs saying or consciously putting in to place anyway. When you are working or stressing about your busy life you can often get so wrapped up in the things you are doing that you forget to spend time with your friends and family, instead ending up cooped up on your own in front of a computer or TV (or even sometimes at the bottom of a tub of ice cream!)
A great way to enjoy life is to spend time with others and have a laugh - your family and friends are a great outlet for any worries you may have, giving you a way to get problems off your chest and have some fun. Not only that but you get to enjoy the human interaction and get away from your worries completely, leaving you feeling good and in a much better mind frame for next time you need to face any problems.
Listen to your favourite music:
Now, I don't know about you but I have always found that music is hugely emotive for me and can affect my mood in a second. By listening to your favourite upbeat music you are sure to be left feeling happy and enjoying life. I mean, what could be better than taking some time to turn the music up loud and bop around in your seat - it's amazing how good it feels.
Even better yet, combine this point and the previous and dance around the house with your friends, singing loudly in to hairbrushes (come on, who doesn't enjoy this?).
So there you have my five favourite tips for relaxing and enjoying life more. I know that I am going to try to implement each and every one of them, especially now that my life is about to get decidedly busier!
Do you have any tips for relaxing and enjoying life? If so, please leave them in the comments below - I would love to hear them!

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