Christmas Decoration Wishlist


It is mid November, Halloween and Bonfire Night have been and gone and the amount of chocolate in the supermarkets has tripled, which could mean only one thing...

Christmas is on it's way.

I am one of these people that gets stupidly excited by Christmas. It's a time for family, for festivity and bringing happiness to everyone you can (cheesy but true) and I adore the festive feeling that builds up as you get closer and closer to the end of December.

The other day myself and the hubby went out and bought our first full sized Christmas tree. Don't get me wrong we have had Christmas trees before, but have either never had the space or the money to spend a lot on Christmas. Therefore we have usually ended up with a three foot tree that is perfect for my stepdaughter but a little underwhelming for the rest of us. But now we have a full sized Christmas tree and, to go with it, I thought I would put together a quick wishlist of all the Christmas decorations that I have been eyeing up lately (whether they're in my budget or not!).

1. Carol Singers Tealight Lantern from John Lewis.
I thought that the idea behind this little lantern was pretty adorable, with the tea light inside the top section creating the effect of a street lantern as the carol singers sing beneath it.

I also really like the simple designs like this - where the singers do not have too much detail in their faces - as it makes it look slightly more modern but still with that hint of traditional Christmas in it.

2. Light Up Gingerbread House from Not on the High Street
Couldn't you just eat it? Unfortunately, this gingerbread house isn't edible but I do love how tasty it looks - especially the piping around the edges. Coming with a light inside it (which seems to apply to most Christmas decorations these days) this little house is perfect for the centre piece of any table - just be sure to tell the kids not to try eating it!

3. Christmas Hanging Wreath by Matalan
The Christmas tree that we bought this year was a "flocked" Christmas tree which basically meant that it had a Christmas frosting on it to make it look like it had been outside. However, I have never had anything but a pure green tree before and so struggled to think of a colour scheme that would fit nicely with it.

We decided on silver, white and red which is why this hanging wreath appealed to me so much. I've always been one for the slightly more modern wreaths, not really liking the traditional style, and I really like the little silver stars on this one.

4. Make your own Robin craft kit by Not on the High Street
How cute is this little chubby robin?

Perfect for kids (though perhaps once its been made) and thoroughly festive, I thought this robin was adorable and am highly tempted to buy him.

5. Penguin Sack by John Lewis
Every Santa has to have a sack full of toys on Christmas day and I thought this one looked super Christmassy and well made. I love the little penguin (going with the Monty theme here) and his fluffy tummy and hat are really cute. It does say on the website that this is a decoration and not a toy, so that would suggest it will not put up with being pulled around with actual toys in it but I can imagine it sat under the tree with all of the actual presents scattered around it.

So there you have my Christmas decoration wishlist - I am sure I will put some more similar posts together as we get closer to the actual day (and perhaps when we are actually in December!).
What sort of decorations are you eyeing up to buy this year? Do you have a particular theme?

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