Organised Mum Family Life Book


I started my Christmas shopping this week (go me!) but whilst I was out and about, I couldn't resist picking up this 2015 Family Life Book by Organised Mum.

My original plan was to pick up a diary for next year - which I could use to plan out my blog posts and general use it to organise my life. Well, when I saw this "Life Book" and what was in it, I just had to have it. Yes, I know, it is a little bit premature as I am not actually a mum yet and my stepdaughter is not with us all of the time, but as well as using it to keep a track of what myself and the hubby are doing (and any appointments for Sproutette next year) it will also give me somewhere to track my blog and other aspects of life.

The whole book is split in to different sections, allowing you to do a number of different things in the same book. These are all separated by sturdy dividers, making the book feel made to a high standard and keeping everything easily organised.

The Diary/Organiser section
This is the main section of the book which consists of a section for each person in the family - or, in my case, person or blog - and lets you fill out exactly what each person is doing on a daily basis that week.

There is then also an additional box for each day that lets you add meal ideas for the day and then any to dos for that week or reminders for what is coming up next week can be added to the little box on the far right hand side of the page.

My only slight issue with this section is that the little boxes for putting down what each person is doing on each day are quite small, making it more difficult to fit in more than one thing per day. However, it's not a massive problem and just means that you have to write a little bit smaller to fit it all in.

The Planner section
Perfect for planning the month ahead, this section contains three different types of pages for each month - a monthly to do list, a monthly budget page and an incoming and outgoing funds page.

Each monthly budget page comes with some pre-entered suggestions which are perfect for reminding you of any small outgoings that you may have forgotten about.

The Incoming and Outgoing funds page also allows you to keep a track of your bank balance as you go. However, I did find that this was a little too short for me to record all incoming and outgoing payments but that may just be a reflection on the amount of frittering of money I do!

The Holidays section
Focusing mainly on Christmas, this section has pages that let you list the name of everybody that you need to write a Christmas card for, or buy a Christmas present for, and allows you to keep track of each one and tick them off. There's also a really nice section for Christmas present ideas, along with a budgeting section for each person and a record of the actual cost of their present.

Finally, there is another couple of pages for writing down your ideas for Christmas. For example any nice little plans you may for activities with the children or a record of who you are seeing on what day over Christmas time.

The Shopping List section
I thought this section was a wonderful idea - having multiple shopping list sections in which you can write down your shopping list and then tear out using the perforated edges.

Addresses and Contacts section
This section consists of an address and contact book for you to keep your important contacts in. This is separate to the Life Book and slots perfectly in to the pocket on the back page, which is snug enough to ensure that it does not move.

This is perfect for when the end of the year comes and you find yourself looking for a new diary (or perhaps even buying a brand new Life Book) as you can just slot this in to the new diary and not have to worry about transferring all of the information over at the end of each year.

Overall, I was very impressed by the Family Life Book by Organised Mum - I have never seen an organiser that covered quite so many different areas and was as adaptable as this one!

Have you ever used one of Organised Mum's organisers? What did you think of it?

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