My Baby's Journal by Mothercare


Last weekend consisted of lots of shopping for baby and the nursery, and I just had to show you one of the keepsake items we bought!

This is the "Story of Baby's First Year" journal sold by Mothercare (although it is currently showing as out of stock on their website, so I really hope they will be stocking back up on it soon!). I never thought I would get a journal for Sproutette but after being shown this by the lovely ladies in Mothercare, it well and truly won me over and I just had to have it.

Lasting you all the way from when you first find out you are pregnant to your baby's first birthday, the journal is split up into a number of different sections. These include a range of different things, such as a Preparing for You section in which mum and dad to be can list exactly how they felt when they found out they were pregnant and even what colours they chose for the nursery and why.

It also contains sections that let you record the first times within the baby's first year, such as their first visit to the park and their first word, and another section where you can record baby's favourite and "not so crazy about" foods, making it a wonderful record of everything that happened within the baby's first year.

There are also lots of places for you to store photographs within the journal - whether that's by sticking them in to the book itself or by slotting them into the dividers for each individual section.

My absolute favourite pages are the ones that give you the opportunity to store baby's hand print and foot print when they are a newborn. Yes, this could end up getting quite messy but I thought it was such a lovely idea and helps to keep all of the memories together in one big book, instead of having it as a separate keepsake.

Bound together in a hardcore cover with high quality card separating each section, this little journal is made to a high standard and is a lovely way to bond with your baby both before and after they arrive.

I am really impressed with the Baby's First Year journal by Mothercare, I have enjoyed filling out the sections that I can so far and am really happy to finally have somewhere that I can store Sproutette's scans safely without worrying about them getting lost. I cannot wait to be able to fill out the rest of the book, and then to be able to read back through it in years to come.

Have you ever kept a baby journal or are you currently?

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