Pregnancy Diary: Preg-Zilla!


I feel sorry for anybody that has had to deal with me over the past couple of weeks, I really do.

I have always been a relatively stable, well behaved person - granted I am prone to the odd grump here and there but I was one of those lucky teenagers that never really suffered from that sudden rush of hormones that turned you in to the teen from hell and I have never really struggled with mood swings at all.

Until now.

Now it is a whole new ball game.

Whether it is the pregnancy hormones, the lack of sleep, the anxieties that go through your head as a mum to be or a big fat mixture of all of them, I don't know, but over the past few weeks I have found my emotions running all over the place - making me a giggling, dancing joy to be around one second and then a grumpy, snappy mess the next.

Only last week I found myself muttering and getting swear-y over the noise I was making whilst putting the dishes away.

Not the noise my husband was making or my stepdaughter.. or even the noise that the neighbours were making - the noise that I was making.

I mean, how can you get annoyed at the noise you are making yourself? And I couldn't get it to quieten down either (you know what dishes are like, they clash against each other and trays will catch on the sides of the cupboard as you slide them in) so I just kept gradually winding myself up more and more until I was ready to explode.

I have to admit, my husband has been fantastic at calming me down during times like this. I am pretty much forced to stop what ever I am doing, sat down with a cup of tea or stuck in a warm bath to relax until I can speak without shouting. We have stocks of chocolate and sweets in the cupboard for when that just doesn't work and I am banned from doing any work until I feel better. He's brilliant (sop!), especially considering he has had his fair share of being shouted at as well! (It is his fault this is happening anyway, right?!)

So, I guess, this is me officially putting everyone on high alert for what may be the remainder of this pregnancy.

If you see me heading in your direction... run.

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