Today I Am Grateful For...


This week I have been finding those troublesome pregnancy worries difficult to banish and, as a result, have also found it difficult to motivate myself blog wise. So today I thought I would spend the day concentrating on those things that I am grateful for and that are good in life to help boost my mood.

Having a Strong Support Network
As I mentioned in my Preg-zilla post earlier this week, I have an incredibly understanding husband who has had to put up with my various mood swings over the past few weeks. I am particularly grateful for him keeping me sane/from smashing things as of late.

Now that we live back in Staffordshire we are also back near to family which was actually the main reason for our return to the area. My family are extremely supportive and have always been there to help us when we needed it and sometimes even when we didn't! Without them we wouldn't have been able to have so many little added extras in life and they have helped us to prepare and buy everything we needed for baby's arrival.

That, and having some wonderful friends who (although they don't necessarily live so close) have always been there to make me laugh if I've needed it, has helped to make sure that I never feel alone and that I have the ability to face anything that comes at me in life.

My Health
I have always been quite a healthy person (no thanks to my diet, I might add). Although I eat sweets and chocolate and the like, I have been blessed with a good metabolism to date and that, combined with a love for ballet when I was younger and a natural dislike for the taste of alcohol, has set me up with a reasonably healthy body.

I am fully aware that this lucky metabolism may say goodbye very soon (in about two months time?!). I think, once baby Sprout-ette has arrived, I will attempt to maintain my pregnancy diet and keep myself healthy! How realistic this aim actually is, I don't know, but it's worth a shot.

Our Lovely Home
Although it is not strictly ours (the joys of renting) our current home is modern, well put together and just the right size for our little family, even with another one on the way.

Yes, we have been here for almost a year and are still making it feel like home, but the location is perfect, the house itself is perfect and the only thing more I could wish for would be a bigger garden - although for now our little yard will do!

To many people our little home seems perfectly normal and not special at all. However, all of our homes in the past - when just one of us was working - have all been cold, with the heating not working properly or noisy neighbours that think it is a good idea to drop weights on the floor of their first floor flat (we were on the ground floor). So, although it's not a mansion, our home with its working heating and peaceful neighbourhood is a huge improvement on what we have had before and we love it.

As you can see I have a lot to be grateful for in my life. Sometimes I think you just need to remind yourself of the good things in order to help banish the worries.

What are you grateful for today? Let me know in the comments below!

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