An Unusual Secret Santa Gift Guide


Now that Christmas is coming up quickly (only two and a half weeks left!) I thought I would put together a slightly unusual Secret Santa gift guide for any of you that have a secret santa to buy for this year, or even if you're just looking for a small quirky gift for someone. All of the gifts below can be bought for £10.00 or less!

Not entirely unusual but I thought this little ring holder was super cute and a nice, convenient way of keeping your rings safe when you take them off. Perfect for anyone who loves cats and wears rings on a regular basis!

I love the idea behind this mug. As well as looking super festive, the jumper section is designed to keep your cuppa warmer for longer. In my opinion this is the perfect present for a work colleague or just anyone who loves drinking tea.

For anyone who has lots of keys and loves cute things this is the perfect accessory. A bunch of cute little cupcake key covers, all with different facial expressions (including a pirate) which help to identify which key is which whilst also looking incredibly pretty.

I think this is one of my favourite items of the lot and makes me giggle every time I see it. For any egg lovers you may be buying for, this quirky little egg cup and soldier cutter makes eating egg and soldiers even more fun! I think it would also be perfect for any children you are looking to buy stocking fillers for.

I've got to admit, I'm not quite sure how you press the button to take the selfie - perhaps you have to set the phone on timer mode - but this selfie stick is perfect for any regular selfie snapper who would love a gadget that makes taking selfies even easier. I think this would be especially good for taking group selfie photographs by giving you the opportunity to take the photograph from further away, therefore fitting more people into the frame!

Yes another egg related gift (I promise I'm not obsessed with eggs!). This little egg mould would, again, be perfect for any children you are buying for, as well as any owl loving people. I think the owl is just so cute in this picture, though how easy it would be to recreate this without resulting in a wonky eyed owl, I don't know!

Perfect for anyone who loves to paint their nails on a regular basis, this little guy is meant to blow on your nails when you press on his "banana plate". I don't know about you but I, personally, hate that time in which I am waiting for my nails to dry and usually end up smudging them. This really appealed to me as a way of drying them faster and the monkey itself is just so cute!

I love this toast and jam gift set - it's super cute and quite unusual. I think the design is really quirky and it would make that perfect "oh so slightly different" gift for anyone who loves to take a long bath or lather up in the shower. Of course, they have to like the smell of strawberries!

I have seen lots of these around lately and they seem to be becoming quite a large hype. Although not one to go for this kind of thing, I thought that this Elsa was really cute and perfect for any Frozen fans you are buying for. There are also many other models in this range, including Star Trek and Game of Thrones characters but this was my personal favourite.

So that is my slightly unusual Secret Santa gift guide to you this year. What have you been buying your Secret Santas?

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