My Five Favourite Things About Christmas


Christmas is just around the corner and so I thought I would share with you some of my favourite things about this time of year. I am one of those people that really enjoys Christmas time and so, instead of wittering on about all of the things I like about the festive season, I have managed to condense it down into just five things!

1. It's a time for family.
What with everybody having busy lives and not necessarily living that close to each other, Christmas can sometimes be the only time of year that you see certain members of family.
In my family, Christmas involves us all getting together (over several days and numerous Christmas dinners!), giving out presents, playing silly family games and generally spending time with each other. It's lovely to see the whole family crowding in to one small room, laughing and giggling and catching up on the things that have happened that year.

I think, overall, this is the thing that makes it the most special for me.

2. The festive build up
Since the start of November the shops have been filled with chocolates, sweets and Christmas cards, the Christmas lights have been going up in the neighbourhood and Christmas songs have been played on the radio and pretty much every shop you go in to.

With all of this going on around us, it is difficult to ignore the feeling of anticipation and excitement that grows as we, day by day, get closer to the big event.

I, personally, love that build up. Perhaps even better than the day itself. It almost feels like everybody is in higher spirits than usual, bringing together a sense of community and family even before Christmas is here.

3. The Christmas songs
What could be better than sticking some Christmas songs on to do your chores at home or bopping along to festive songs on the radio at work?

Let's face it, they may be cheesy and annoying as anything but Christmas songs are cheerful and fun and you can't help but sing along to them.

4. The weather (or the ideal weather anyway!)
This may be a slightly unusual thing to say but I really enjoy the colder weather at this time of year.

This is for two different reasons, the first of which being that I always find it easier to dress for the winter. I love wearing knitwear and boots and keeping myself cosy by the fire and seem to be the kind of person who always wears too much in the summer and boils.

The second reason is the hope of a classic white Christmas. Although not entirely practical, and perhaps throwing a spanner in the works for anyone who wants to travel, what could be better than to be sitting inside, your belly full of Christmas food watching the snow cover everything outside in a cold white blanket.

5. Giving gifts
A large part of Christmas is the giving of gifts. And this is also one of the most satisfying and heart warming things for me.

I am not the best present picker, I must admit. I lack imagination and struggle to think of that perfect present for a lot of people, but I do enjoy taking the trip into town to search out the presents for my family or sitting down at my computer to find them online.

And I find that nothing can beat the feeling when you have spent time and effort (and money!) choosing the perfect gift for someone and seeing their face as they open it. There is a sense of satisfaction and well being that can only be brought about by making someone happy.

So what are you favourite things about Christmas? Let me know in the comments below!

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