New Year, New Adventure


Happy New Year everyone!

It is the start of a new year, the year when my life will change forever and a new little bundle of joy (and poop) will come in to mine and my husbands life.

In all honesty I cannot believe it is going this quickly - we are now just six weeks away from Sproutette's due date and I am starting to feel the strain. Those little kicks that made me jump when I first felt them, have now developed into painful elbow jabs as she shifts position and it's starting to feel as though my insides are getting bruised.

I am also finding it difficult to do any kind of housework - which is not necessarily a bad thing! - with the simplest of things leaving me feeling out of breath and like I need to sit down. The dishes even feel like a work out!

However, it is really nice to be carrying round this big bump with me everywhere. I don't drink much anyway so didn't miss out over the festive period and, as the bump grows, so does the sense of reality. Being a mum is not just something that I can daydream about happening six months down the line, its something that is actually going to happen in the next month or two!

I have two more weeks left at work and then its time to start on my maternity leave and time for that final preparation for her arrival.

So here's to a wonderful 2015 everyone! I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and New Year and got up to lots of fun stuff! Please feel free to link me to any posts about what you got up to, or your targets for 2015, in the comments below - I would love to see them!

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