6 months


It has been just over 6 months since I last posted here and 6 months since Baby Sproutette (who shall, henceforth, be known as Bo on this blog) was born and flipped my world upside down. 

It has taken me 6 months to start considering that I can do something else in my life alongside looking after baby, but to also accept that whatever I do will need to be done in those fleeting moments when baby is asleep, there is no housework to do and I am feeling awake enough to actually put some consideration into what I write.

And it has taken me 6 months to think about documenting it all again, not just live it, so that I can look back at it all in a few years time and coo over how cute she was.

So this is Bo...

Bo was born into this world on the 16th February 2015 at 10.25pm. I will spare you the details of the birth but lets just say it was something that I do not wish to experience again.

Being a slightly clingy baby, Bo loves to spend as much time as she can get cuddled in your arms, preferably with you standing up or moving around except when she's asleep because she can't tell the difference.

She does has a hell of a lot of personality though, with a wonderfully cheeky grin and a really expressive face which makes it easy to read what kind of mood she is in. She is already the queen of the bottom lip and is not afraid to make it quite clear when she is unhappy about something.

Her days are normally spent performing a range of activities, including waking mummy up at 5am (6 if I'm lucky!), enjoying the bright orange gloop they call baby food, catching the odd nap and destroying things by whacking them with her toys. 

She is well on her way to sitting up on her own but hates tummy time with a passion. This usually results in us having to come up with innovative new ways of getting her to spend some time on her tummy, such as placing her on her changing mat and zooming it around the room like some sort of rollercoaster ride or making her 'fly' by placing her on our shins then lifting our legs so she is parallel to the ground.

Having a new baby in the house has been hectic and life changing, to say the least. She makes me laugh everyday, stretches my ability to be patient and has generally forced me to discard any squeamishness I may have about poo, snot and sick. She isn't an overly noisy baby but she does love her noisy toys. At the moment these include a toy keyboard, a musical tv remote and a singing steering wheel. I must admit they get a tiny bit annoying once you have heard them the first 30 odd times but she likes them so we can put up with that!

During the time since my last post we have also moved house, informed work that I will not be going back for at least 5 years and, as you may have noticed, rebranded the blog. Thats right, your eyes weren't deceiving you - this is now the Me, Bee and Bo blog! (If you want to know a little bit about why we rebranded, the full explanation is here.)

In fact life has been so busy as of late that I will be glad to have a couple of months where we do very little. Or as little as possible anyway. The bliss of not moving houses, sticking to our daily routine and just spending some family time.

So join us again as we live our day to day lives as a slightly bigger family. Watch Bo grow up with us, come along on our adventures and read about the more difficult parts of life with a child. 

I'm looking forward to being back in the blogging world and sharing it all with you.

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