Our family's new addition


So I have disappeared from the internet for a week or so lately in order to spend time with the latest addition to our little family. Well, now we all seem to have got used to each other, I thought I would introduce him to you as well!

This is Loki. He is a 10 week old, male kitten of no particular breed. He has wonderful, long fur and a really friendly (if excitable) temperament.

We had been considering getting a kitten for a few weeks, now that we have settled in to the new home and got back in to our routine with Bo. We have previously owned cats who we loved like babies but were forced to give them away when we moved (due to being unable to keep them in our new home). For me, that was really hard and I felt really bad for "abandoning them". Bee assured me that they would be in loving homes but I just couldn't get over that feeling that we had abandoned them even though they had gone to loving homes within the family.

Anyway, because of our previous experience, we wanted to make sure that we were doing the right thing. There was some debate over whether we should get a kitten or a rescue cat and we came to the conclusion that a kitten would be best as it could grow up with the baby and we wouldn't risk bringing a cat who didnt get on with children into the household.

I must admit, I have found it more difficult to adjust to having a cat in the household again, let alone a hyperactive kitten. After two years of living without a pet I have become accustomed to fur free clothes, net curtains that stay in one piece and my smaller items staying where I put them. However, we are all now starting to get used to esch other - Loki is getting to know what he can and cannot do and I am starting to accept his kitten-y ways. 

What is really nice is seeing how Loki and Bo are already starting to bond. Granted he thinks her hand and feet are play things and she thinks he is just another one of her fluffy teddies, but there have been some lovely moments where baby and kitten have cuddled! (Mainly when baby is asleep).

Overall, its been really lovely having our new fluffy addition in the house - he's the little added extra thats made our family whole and brings us giggles (and the odd scratch) ever day.

What experiences have you had with pets and babies? Do you have any top tips for helping them bond and generally managing the chaos? If so, please let me know in the comments below.

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