Dear Baby...


Dear Baby,

I wrote to you just over a year ago, when you were still waiting to arrive and we were yet to meet you. Now, you are almost one and coming to the end of your baby age - soon you will be a toddler!

The past year has been a big learning curve for me and your Dad, in fact even you! We have got to know each other, what makes us tick, how to help you sleep and generally how to put life back together again. 

I won't lie, I have struggled to get over the loss of the feeling of being "myself" and having all of my time and concentration focused on a small human 24/7. Both me and Daddy have found it very draining and I don't think either of us have had a proper nights sleep since before you were born. However, now I think we are finally getting to grips with this whole parenting malarkey and are beginning to see fractions of ourselves creeping back in to life.

But what is most important, little girl, is how happy we are to have you in our lives. You make us laugh every day, melt our hearts with your big, blue eyes and amaze us when we see how much you are developing week to week.

I cannot believe you are nearly a toddler - how the time has flown! Soon you will be walking around, causing chaos (of course!) and keeping us both on our toes. I am looking forward to being able to do things like take you to the park, go on little walks and even attempt baking together, although this may get a bit messy!

I hope you know just how loved you are, and that you feel safe and secure in your home every day. This year will be another learning curve for all of us, I am sure, but we can do it together bit by bit, step by step.

Love you to the stars and back.

Mummy x

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  1. super cute pictures and that first year flies! My granddaughter just had her first birthday and that year just went so quick

    1. It really does go quickly, doesn't it? Everybody says it but I don't think you actually believe them until the first birthday is looming haha x

  2. Lovely post! Wow you have a lot of snow - I am dying to get my sledge out but it isn't looking hopeful at the moment! #magicmoments

    1. There is still a little time left, fingers crossed! We don't have a sledge, which I regret because it would have been lovely to get out and pull Bo around on. Next year, perhaps!