Our Christmas


It's 2016! I know, crazy, right? 

For us, the past week has been stuffed full of Christmas activities and celebrations as we have visited our rather large family and enjoyed spending some time with our loved ones. It was Bo's first Christmas and, as such, she has been spoilt rotten and thoroughly enjoyed it (although she has no idea what is actually going on!). My stepdaughter also had a wonderful time and, overall, it's been a really fun, festive end of the year.

I thought I would share some of the photographs taken during this time with you, to share the fun we had and to give us something to look back on as Bo gets older. I will warn you, we had three separate Christmas days with three different parts of the family so it is quite a photo heavy post!

So how were your Christmas's? Did you have a good time? Are you feeling far too full of food now?

Let me know in the comments - I would love to know!

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