The Typical Week of a Nervous Mum


I am a nervous mum. 

I wouldn't necessarily describe it as anxiety, though the thought has popped up a few times in the past, but I do struggle with nerves over the smallest of things. Going outside, for example, or meeting new people - both of which can make it a bit tricky to get out there with Bo, find new friends and help her to meet up with other babies her age.

I am also a sucker for comparing what I do on a daily or weekly basis to what other mums do. Partially because I'm nosy and I like to see what other people do on a day to say basis, and partially because I like to check that I'm doing everything I should be doing to help Bo grow up to be a happy, confident young lady. One thing I have noticed, during my nosying, has been that the majority of mums are a lot busier and go out and about a lot more than I do with Bo.

So I thought, since I couldn't find anyone who shared their week which was similar to ours, I would share what a typical week looks like for me and Bo - where we go and what we do. That way you get the chance to nosy in on us and see what life is like for a mum who doesn't venture out quite as much!

On Mondays, the idea is to start the week off well - perhaps going into town with Bo to get a coffee and explore a bit or perhaps just nipping to the park or walking round the village. I am terrible at getting out and about and, the longer I leave it, the more nervous I get about it and it also helps to stop me feeling stir crazy as the week goes on. However, this quite often ends up not happening and, instead, we decide to take the day to recover from the weekend, as these seem to be busier (and a little more stressful) than the actual weekdays at the moment.

If we do go out we usually do any activities either in the morning or early afternoon, getting back in time for Bo's snack at around 3pm and giving us the rest of the afternoon to relax and get anything that needs doing in the house done.

Tuesday is a "home" day in which I mean we don't plan to go anywhere. We get up between 6am and 7.30am (depending on how the night before has gone!), wave Daddy off to work, get breakfast for both of us and get dressed. My getting dressed is a little more tricky, as Bo is quite clingy first thing in the morning, so I make use of some good old morning kids TV to keep her distracted whilst I flit back and forth.

At around 10am, Bo goes down for her morning nap, which last roughly two hours. I use this time to clean up the bomb site that she has created in the morning (toys everywhere!), get myself a cup of tea and start any little jobs I have planned for the day such as blogging, or admin for the NCT branch I volunteer for.

Lunch is at 12pm - I try to give us both the same thing and this is usually some kind of finger food such as little sandwiches, toasties or omelette. I am always trying to think of new things to make so that neither of us get bored of what we are eating.

After lunch is play time or bath time, depending on if Bo needs a bath, until about 3pm when Bo has a snack and a bottle. During this time I do the dishes and any washing that needs doing.

Straight after her bottle is Bo's second nap which lasts between an hour to two hours. This is the perfect time to spend a bit of me time or perhaps to catch up on any sleep I missed out on the night before (yes, on these days, I do actually sleep when the baby does!).

The afternoon is spent playing some more, reading books and singing nursery rhymes until 5.30pm when I go to start tea. This gives Bo a bit of time for some independent play.

At 6pm, tea is served and Daddy arrives home. We all sit in the living room (we don't have a proper table just yet, this is something we are going to have to invest in in the near future!) and eat our food. Bo's favourite program, The Simpsons, comes on and, after tea, the dishes are done.

After that it's quiet time, pyjamas are put on, books are read and Bo has a final bottle before going down at roughly 8pm.

Wednesday is Bumps and Babes day!

Bumps and Babes is a group that is held locally by our NCT branch. It is based in the village next to ours so, not having a car throughout the day, we have a nice half an hour walk down in the morning (unless the weather is terrible, of course!). Once we are there, it's two hours of playtime and toast for Bo and lots of tea, toast and a good natter for me and the other parents and carers that go each week.

I really enjoy these days as it is a nice break away from the house in the middle of the week and is a wonderful way of meeting other people in the local area. I was actually really nervous when I first attended (especially as I had only recently moved to the area) but having been there for a few months now, I find that I feel really comfortable going and enjoy meeting up with the regulars each week.

We are back from Bumps and Babes around 12pm, which means that Bo's  first nap usually runs a little late on this day. This gives me plenty of time to enjoy a baby free lunch before getting on with our day as normal at around 1pm.

Thursday is another typical "home day" and is often filled with housework, washing and maybe a small trip out to the local shop to top up on any food we are running short of. It is also a nice day to spend a lot of time with Bo, as I am out of the house a lot over the next two days.

I have recently started going back to work for half a day on Fridays so me and Bo have our usual morning until about 11am, when my mum comes, and then off to work I go!

Bo then spends the rest of the day playing, eating and playing some more with my mum until Daddy and I get back between 6pm and half past. Then it's on with the evening as usual and then a night off for me!

Saturdays can be pretty busy days as I am in work for the full day and don't see much of my little family. I head out of the house at 8am and am back at around 6pm. Although I had originally planned to stay at home with Bo until she went to school, I found that over the past year my confidence has taken a massive dip.

Work has always been able to raise that confidence as you are forced to talk to customers on a regular basis. Therefore, we decided that I should go back to work - even if just for a day or two - to help me gain that confidence back and provide a better life for myself and Bo. That and, of the course, the extra spending money is very useful!

Throughout the day, Bo spends time with Daddy and my stepdaughter. As I have the car, they spend most of the day inside doing various activities, but sometimes they do venture out to the park round the corner to get a bit of fresh air.

Sunday is family day and usually involves us all spending as much time together as possible before the week begins again. This can include playing and spending time out in the garden, going out for a family day out, doing some arty/crafty things (although this is aimed more at my stepdaughter) or watching family films.

We try and make Sunday as relaxing as possible for all members of the family, as it is the only day during the week where no one is working and we can tackle the day all together.

So, there you have it. A typical week in the life of me, Bee and Bo.

What do you do on a weekly basis? Do you suffer with any confidence related issues? Let me know in the comments below!

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  1. I also like to have a routine in place, I work from home so I find it important to have set plans each day else being at home could get a little much sometimes! #shareitsunday

  2. I am a nervous mum too Emma and now a nervous grandma too lol. I am not one for going out due to health issues and you are right it is all too easy to sit home where its safe. I used to worry about my kids when they were little but even though they are grown I still worry . I think it shows we care . You week sounded great and it fab you are getting out for your little one x

  3. Looks like your days are pretty busy to me, I always found I liked the days when I got out of the house with little ones most, I'd go mad indoors even just for a day. I hope you keep your weekly diary up, you'll see you do quite a lot and hopefully feel less afraid of doing more. #MagicMoments