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I have been loving everything cute, quirky or just that little bit crazy over the past few weeks. If you follow my Twitter you will know that I have found myself a nice Lego phone case (and intend to start building things on the back of it at some point!) and I adore all things cat related.

So, during my explorations to find as many cute and quirky things to add to my home as possible, I thought I would put together a few of my favourites to show you all.

I don't know about you but this is the perfect planter for me. Because it waters itself. Yes, I admit it, I am terrible at watering plants and usually end up killing them off. So a self watering planter is exactly what I need in order to grace my house with the scent of lovely flowers whilst not having to remember to water them everyday! That and the panda is super cute!

I chose this one mainly with Bo in mind, as I don't actually know what else I would do with a hand puppet! I love the bright colours and his cute little face, and hand puppets are brilliant for interacting with children as you can react to what they do and make it seem like they are holding a real conversation.

I know the weather in the UK hasn't exactly been the glorious Summer that we have all been hoping for lately, but we are in prime holiday going time and I thought that this little sipper cup would be perfect to sip from whilst sitting by the pool (where we could actually spend some time outdoors without being rained on!). Either that or you could do what I plan to do and carry it around at home and dream of what those holidays could be like.

This cute, smiley cat plays right into my "cat lady" ways. I love his quirky little face and have the perfect little place lined up for him on my bedroom window sill.

Who doesn't love a doorstop? I love the range of soft animal doorstops that have been floating around recently and Eddie is a particularly cute one. I find that doorstops are a wonderful way of stopping Bo from messing with the doors in our house, as they are too heavy for her to lift!

Kittens and tea! Let me say that again... kittens and tea! I mean come on. Enough said.

I love the simplicity of this pillowcase set and the fact it looks really cute at the same time. Especially as we tend to end up with Bo in our bed when she's sleeping particularly badly and we about to be joined by another one, I think the family aspect of this really hit home for me.

Which is your favourite of the items above? Do you like having cute and quirky things around your house or do you feel they look a little tacky? What has been your favourite addition to your home over the past few months?

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