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It has been a little while now since I last put pen to paper (or fingers to keyboard would probably be more accurate!) and a lot has happened in that time.

Bo is taking being a two year old in her stride and is embracing the typical "terrible twos" behaviour. It is adding a new challenging dynamic to the family but sometimes it's just so funny that you either have to turn away to hide the giggles or just hold it in until she looks away or leaves the room.

Bean is now nearly 7 months old and is developing nicely. He is just about sitting up on his own and is a real smiley baby - grinning at us whenever he can and rarely being upset other than when hungry or when he really wants a cuddle. He is a proper Mummy's boy and would be in my arms all the time if he could be. 

Him and Bo are now actually interacting - though the type of interaction can vary depending on the situation. Bean loves to pull Bo's curly hair and Bo seems to be developing a liking for teasing him with toys and them pulling them out of his reach at the last moment (big sisters, huh?).

The family as a whole are starting to settle down in to life as a foursome. I am settling into being at work full time and juggling both that and home life, and Bee is getting used to being at home with two boisterous children. We did recently move to a much bigger house which has more bedrooms and a bigger, flatter garden. This threw things off again for a little while and really tired us all out, but we are all starting to feel better and I am pretty sure we won't be moving again for a good long time.

So, yes, that is what has happened to us over the past few months. Nothing too exciting but I think that is perhaps what we need after the excitement of Bean's birth and all the changes and developments we have made over the past four years. 

I am looking forward to delving more into blogging again and am looking to start taking part in some of the chats (if possible!) on Twitter, so please leave the details of any you would recommend in the comments.

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